| National children’s science congress,2014
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National children’s science congress,2014

National children’s science congress,2014

The NCSC2014 met in Bangalore during 26 to 31 dec 2014. More than 400 teams from the various states of india and the union territories participate . In fact teams came from Bengaladesh and UAE also came in.
The state of Kerala had send 16 teams. Two oral presentations and rest were presented as posters. The latter also had an 8 min oral presentation too.
Kerala won three places within the twenty nominated as best in the country.
Our kids have even consistently doing well since the take over from the jaw agar balabhavan kollam by the KSCSTE.
I enjoyed being in Bangalore with the Kerala team. I took a Volvo Bangalore and the lived in the DSERT at hosanahalli . A chunk of the visiting evaluators and coordinators were in the same place where I was.
The students and teacher coordinators were in the sub complex near kengeri, south Bangalore.
Things went rather smooth considering the nearly thousand strong crowd. It could have been better.
May the next time the program will be well oiled.

The theme, understanding weather and climate was a good one. As it is the same theme will run next year also.
Considering the topical importance of the theme, the central committee shall examine the suggestion and should make a positive decision.

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