| Invite Prof. Ramasarma as guest faculty
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Invite Prof. Ramasarma as guest faculty

Invite Prof. Ramasarma as guest faculty

[Here is a note to registrar to invite Prof. Ramasarma as guest faculty to teach optical Mineralogy to the MSc class]

No. 25, 02

The Registrar
University of Kerala
Trivandrum 695 035

Sub:- S2 Optical Mineralogy course – regarding
Ever since Prof. Raju Philip joined the department in May, 1964, he was in charge of Optical Mineralogy. After his retirement in 1998, Prof. Philip taught this course as a guest lecturer. Unfortunately due to a personal loss, Prof. Philip decided to refrain from teaching responsibilities. In fact to fill this gap, the department council decided to invite Prof. M.Ramasarma, a retiree (of very high repute) from the collegiate education service, Govt. of Kerala and a person trained in Optical Mineralogy by no less a person than Prof. PRJ Naidu in the Madras Presidency College.

However, due to a recent decision (as a consequence of student agitation), it has not been possible to solicit the Services of Prof. M.Ramasarma, (with out a newer sanction) in order to continue the teaching of the Optical Mineralogy to the S2 class. This 2 credit lab course is an integral part of Geological training at the M.Sc. level requiring an expert and senior teacher to administer the training and teaching.

Optical mineralogy is a very much fundamental to geoscience for many reasons. The axiom is that Geology is the study of minerals and rocks and other earth materials. Therefore a well trained geologist (especially in today’s competitive world) should be very good in optics – a branch of physics applied to non-opaque minerals. And logically an expert or specialist teacher alone can fruitfully train students in the varied techniques of optical mineralogy. Hence, I request that university may appoint Prof.Ramasarma as a guest Lecturer/Professor (as a special case) to teach the Optical Mineralogy course in the S2 class.

Looking forward to approval and favorable order of this proposal
Thanking you
Sincerely yours

Prof. Thrivikramji.K.P.

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