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R b Pillai who said left will win Kara with a song disproved his claim. The martyr of vs on corruption at the apex court all on sudden sat with vs in election rallies in Kara. This threw the public and voter in total disbelief. A life long enemy of left over night changed color to ask for votes to left. The first folly of the strategy is this for the left.
The close second is fielding vs who was harangued by the youngest man in the party in the alapuzha state meet of the party, and with no recourse vs had to walk out, was folly no two in Kara. Thirdly the common belief that politicians are corrupt and live comfortably on corrupt income for some reason gotten deep into the minds of voter. The channel discussions on politics day to day trounced the chances of left. Then the biggest catcher was Chandys mass contact program. The babudom is divided on party lines and the implementation of programs suffer. When chandy went districts with ready redress al people found a gov ready to address the BPl problems. For the others in society the babudom delivers the gos at their hotel room, unlike in the past. Now one lesson learned is voter wants results and words no slogans no hartals now bands. Voter wants mone and good life smart phones and tablets.
Kara will be a beacon to the future. Development and not Saritha or corruption is not the concern of voter.
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