| The teachers who piloted me or kick started me
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The teachers who piloted me or kick started me

The first teacher is my own dad, who I followed to my elementary school. He himself was a teacher.
The trip to school I loathed especially with my dad. He fancied asking questions or making me recite lessons or arithmetic. But it was in vain. I was made sure that I followed dad to school.
Then there was an occasion when my eldest brother taught me in the fifth class and in the veeyanur elementary school where my dad was the head teacher.
When I started in the middle school, it was at kattathura. I was on my own and my dad stayed back in the elementary school. I was in the school for roughly for an year and a quarter as my family moved To Trivandrum I was put in the temups peroorkada in the second form soon after the labour week. The second October week was the labour week. The kids did some cleaning and clearing of the school classes and outside. The principal mr balakrishna Pillai a friend of my eldest brother was kind of terror in the school. He slapped the erring kids with his palm or sometimes with a cane. But those days no one questioned the head teachers right to slap or cane the students. No one outside of the school grumbled. I passed the third form from that school and was then enrolled in sahs kowdiar. Mr JJ rajaiah was the head teacher. A great and strict disciplinarian. He had several canes in the deep drawer of his office table and the kids were free to select the cane themselves. Luckily I never had to go to head teachers office to get punished with those canes, the only time I was asked to go in was during my first year in college, when I had to see the head teacher on notification. I had to collect the generals prize directly from the head teacher. It was a chambers twentieth century dictionary. Pc John, Krishna Iyer, Abraham, ommen , kuliru etc are some of the teachers who still linger in my memory.

The teachers in intermediate college I keep the names close to my heart are kr Sadasivan Nair, Kasim sait, Philip John , Ramakrishnan and Kumaran.
My three years in the university college Trivandrum as very exciting. I was in the late teens. More freedom from home. But ponnappan of physics, ramasubramani a Iyer of chemistry, punchiri mathai of English, govind sphenoid of Hindi are some of the names in my memory. Very good teachers indeed. The tri of Kk menon, Ramachandran Nair and Tvm Panicker in geology were great teachers and equally caring ones. These guys made me to be gave well and helped me to be what I am now.

The msc class was really far more exciting that he rest of the past years. Teachers like Kbk Nair, k k menon helped hugely in molding me as a geoprofessional. Pkr nar and Raju Philip who joined the faculty when I reached the final year were equally good but kept a huge distance from us the class which was reprehensible for us the class. But I came out with flying colors. I maintained my first class first of bsc class in msc too.
Finally after a brief break I was appointed lecturer in the same dept or my alma mater in march 1968 from where I retired only in jan 2004. I bow with respect to the thoughts of my teachers.