| Tour to Sri Bhuvanendran Griham ,Cherukol, India
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Tour to Sri Bhuvanendran Griham ,Cherukol, India

Tour to Sri Bhuvanendran Griham ,Cherukol, India

Indeed we are glad to take you to the House where Sri Bhuvanendran lived, played, blessed the devotees and finally left this place enroute to to go to Prayag to finally bad bye to the humanity.

The Padippura or the facade to the Thaiveedu was the place where Sri Bhuvanendran lay quietly receving all the poojas offered by Janardhanan Pillai poojari. Now this place is converted to a modest shrine, where pooja is performed on 24×7 basis.

The Thaiveedu is a legendary place with the Nalukettu and kitchen.

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