| Jatadhari on Global Climate Change
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Jatadhari on Global Climate Change

Jatadhari on Global Climate Change

Jatadhari of Cherukol Sri Bhuvanendran on “How the world will come to an end”
(This summary that follows here is based on part of the Chapter 27 of Bhuvanendra Khadgi by Varinjam Raghavan Pillai- the biographer of Bhuvanendran of Cherukol.
It is surprisingly and broadly coincidental with the scenario of climate change consequences proposed by the IPCC. So here it is for you to read through the views of Jatadhari on the world of future professed in the early 1950’s)

Jatadhari, the bodyless sanyasin or ascetic orbited around Sri Bhuvanendran of Cherukol very much like a natural satellite- say like the earth and the moon, and regularly paid visits to the boy sage Bhuvanendran at night fall and occasionally even during the broad daylight.

Jatadhari is perhaps a unique combination of a duty bound servant, an efficient PRO, and occasionally philosopher to the master- all bundled into one. Practically all programs of Sri Bhuvanendran and activities in the Cherukol homestead (Bhuvanendra Griham) are apparently masterminded by Jatadhari. Even the trip to Prayag, where Bhuvanendran and eight others sadly died, was a design of Jatadhari.

The picture that was painted by Jatadhari then had fairly deep overtones of what we hear these days in respect of global climate change.

We might generalize that the duo of Jatadhari and Sri Bhuvanendran, as the right eye and the left eye, or the right palm and left palm of a person. It is interesting to note the way Jatadhari predicted or sketched the exit of Sri Bhuvanendran as well as the end of the world.

Keep in mind that this picture in prose about the future of the world was rendered by Jatadhari in one of those nightly discourses to the devotees assembled in the Bhuvanendra Griham and that too, in the early 1950’s. Then, Jatadhari professed “World is nearing its end. Humans are doing their bit to help this process. But all mighty god is of the view that humans need not work for ending this world, as it is god’s own karma.

It is impossible to revive or maintain the world of ours. What is required on the other hand is a total destruction by pralayam or mythical flood to allow rebuilding again. When the word flood is uttered many an eye brow is twisting. But earthquakes and storms are like a sneeze of nature and generally people are not perturbed by these unless they are directly affected. Mused Jatadhari.

Again, Jatadhari declared cogently what is bound to happen to this world in future. The frequency of rain fall will decline to one or two spells or falls in a season of six months, which will then become more infrequent like once or twice in a year and finally into a rainless phase world over.

Sun’s heat will raise the surface temperature to unusually high levels. Agriculture and crops will perish due to lack of rain and overwhelming heat. Food stuff will become scarce and lead to starvation. Even the wealthy among the communities will suffer due to inability of their wealth and money to buy food stuff. Shops will be looted by starving people. Masses will suffer from scarcity of drinking water. Wells, ponds, tanks, streams, rivers and lagoons will dry up. The only water left behind will be the salt water in the seas. People, already suffering from water scarcity related diseases, will morph into ugly looking walking corpses and will march toward the sea shore across the hot sandy soils, for a drink of water. In fact most will perish while crossing the hot sandy tract.

Jatadhati even declared that people will begin to drink blood instead of the scarce water. Human meat might become a substitute for their meals. Epidemics will take a great toll of human life so will the natural calamities.

In a dry rainless phase, the governments will become dysfunctional. No tax revenue will be available for collection and to meet the bills and run the government. Prostitution, plunder and killing will become commonplace.

Trees will become dry and parched. Masses will die of rising temperatures. Sunlight will resemble flaming light. Humanity will perish in the world over. This will affect all the nations of the world. Like one sun energizing the whole world, the changes will engulf the entire world.

(The chapter then goes on to deal with the exit of Sri Bhuvanendran and other matters)
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