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All about Sri Bhuvanendran

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SGMenon AN EXPERIENCE OF MINE (By Sreekandath Gopala Menon, M.A) [The author of this article is a physics professor of Travancore University College. We are publishing this only because it is a narrative of the experience of a respected person possessing very deep knowledge and extraordinary research talents in physics.-Editor. Kerala Kaumudi.](This piece appeared in the Keralakaumudi daily of Dec.20, 1951) Careful examination or scrutiny of what they see and hear is a habitual behaviour of scientists. There are numerous evidences for the operation of certain miraculous powers, beyond the realm of human mind, around us. One of my experiences is an example for this truth.
Jatadhari of Cherukol Sri Bhuvanendran on “How the world will come to an end” (This summary that follows here is based on part of the Chapter 27 of Bhuvanendra Khadgi by Varinjam Raghavan Pillai- the biographer of Bhuvanendran of Cherukol. It is surprisingly and broadly coincidental with the scenario of climate change consequences proposed by the IPCC. So here it is for you to read through the views of Jatadhari on the world of future professed in the early 1950’s)
Introduction  Beloved members of Tharisuthala Family , especially the members of the younger generation, ought to know some very special events, (sometimes strange and intriguing episodes) that occurred at least two and a half generations ago in one of its branches (i.e., Sasthanamthala a.k.a. Cherukol Puthen Veedu). Many of the senior members who are aged over sixty years and several others of same generation were witnesses of some or all the extraordinary and amazing events.