| Prehistoric canoes threatening Children’s Life in Kerala
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Prehistoric canoes threatening Children’s Life in Kerala

Prehistoric canoes threatening Children’s Life in Kerala

Prehistoric Canoes: Impending threat to School Children in Kerala

The canoes used for ferrying children and adults are really “fossils”. Perhaps even in South America we will not come across the so called Kettuvallams used for ferrying men and materials across the rivers. These days light weight rubber rafts that can even go unscathed on rocky rapids have come into use. Unfortunately, the hapless thousands with only the clout one vote and just one vote dail go through the stressed moments looking forward to the return of own and neighbors kids from school as they have to cross a ferry which is often overloaded. In a state like Kerala with 41 west flowing rivers if you happened to live in the midland or the low highland one will have to cross a swollen river twice a year to deliver a baby in a hospital or to go to school.

So, the govt should invest in rubber rafts to ferry the kids as well as grown ups. I it is the type of craft that is use in beach landings by navy. The greatest advantage is that it will not sink or kill people. But question will be different if the govt went for the cheapest quotation.

The govt. has come up with a novel scheme of training the school kids in physicalsa including swimming. Unfortunately the ministers themselves doi not know that the art of swimming in a pool will not work in a swollen stream. Yet I believe that it is good suggestion. What also could be added is yoga. Considering the life style diseases every one is predisposed in the country, it will a good thing to add hata yoga into the curriculum in the physicals. Alas India is country where human life is perhaps the cheapest. The state of Kerala can work for getting rid of this accolade.

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