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It is time for the general public to assail the state’s policy of the distribution of several lakhs of rupees to the members of the affected families soon after the strike of a spurious liquor or made toddy tragedy resulting in loss of life, blinding or maiming.

In fact, instead of piping out the tax payer’s money from the coffers of the state, the concerned dealer or contractor has to be made responsible for the tragic deaths and they should be made to pay off the compensation fixed by govt.

I suggest some other alternatives. For e.g., look at the third party insurance in respect of motor cars/lorries etc. It is a process that is time tested and well run all over the world. There is an analogy here. The compensation can come out of an insurance of some sort paid for by the promoter of the toddy/liquor business.

Think of this one. There is already a toddy tappers welfare fund. What about a toddy drinkers welfare fund of some sort. Think outside of the box. The ministers can only offer wads of currency to the families of the diseased and suffering victims. It is for the rest of the society to think in terms of containing the risk and reducing the risk due to some evil minded trader of spurious toddy/liquor making quick money.

Or this one too, i.e., some sort of a group insurance scheme offered by the dealer to the drinkers. The life of toddy drinkers must stand insured against an event of tragic and accidental death due to consumption of spurious toddy or liquor. The financial aid will come to the rescue of the survivors of the family from the insurance company. The trader will pay the insurance cover anyway. Something like an insurance cover we buy before we board a flight. Here instead of the buyer, the seller will have to pay for the insurance.

I would also go to the extent of suggesting introduction of a billing system carrying the name and address of the buyer so that in the event of a tragic end, the buyer and seller are easily located to settle the claims. It is also a mechanism by which more income tax payers can be brought under the tax net.

Our police department once a while posts large bill boards listing death statistics on the roadside to remind the drivers about the risks human life is exposed to in the highways and other roads. Why not a similar system of display in all the shops trading liquor and toddy loudly and boldly announcing the number of deaths or maiming due to sale and consumption of spurious toddy/liquor.

Similarly how about executing a written undertaking by the dealer/contractor stating that in the event of a death due to the consumption of the stuff sold by the dealer in one or other of his outlets, he will promptly pay off the compensation to the victim’s dependents and at the rate fixed by the government from time to time.

Such a revolutionary thinking needs to be introduced to save the lives of some citizens as well as to secure the future of the affected families. If the govt can make money out of the sale of business rights for a decent fee why not measures such as the above or any others better than these to avoid the tragedies in future.


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