| JCB&HARVESTOR in place of Sickle & Hammer
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JCB&HARVESTOR in place of Sickle & Hammer

JCB&HARVESTOR in place of Sickle & Hammer

Commies adopt JCB&HARVESTOR in place of Sickle & Hammer.

Our comrades have been using the red flag decorated with a sickle and hammer symbol – a signature of the camaraderie with the farm and factory workers. All along the history the commies struggled to uphold this vision and fought for the rights and aligning with the working class in the farms and factories legitimizing the symbol.

However the iconic symbol in the redflag, continuing till to day without any change, is oblivious of the extinction or near absence of the blues collar factory hand or the brown collar farm hand; ironically representing and exhibiting the absent or non-existent. Equally outmoded and anachronistic are the slogans even today recited by the commies in their protest rallies.

In fact, the right wing commmies are still in the pit of farm sector and as a consequence they continue with the sickle and bunch of fronds with grains. But now the farms have dwindled along with the sickle holding farm harvesting hands. So are the factories and factory hands, where the sledge hammer and hammer no longer are needed and instead magnetic and mechanical hammers and robots rule the factory and shop floor. Instead of men robots have come into the factory shop floor. Therefore I sincerely feel and request the left commies that in the next party congress the new symbols like HARVESTER&JCB should be considered for replacing the current symbols of sickle and hammer. Otherwise the Indians born after 1990’s will not heed to or rally for the leftists views and calls.

Truly, the right wing comrades better not worry about their iconic symbols. As they have not come out of the farm land yet, both physically and philosophically, as indicated by the current symbols, their day has dawned when the only reminders of the right wingers will be in the pages of history books but not in the minds and hearts of living humans.

The moral of the story is that the commies have become an endangered species and even Mr Jayram Ramesh has no magic bullet to help them.

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