| Basu da calls for procongress votes.
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Basu da calls for procongress votes.

Basu da calls for procongress votes.

The commien in WB are in deep distress so that the grand old man, Basuda is asking for congress supporters to support the leftists to stave off the win by Trinamool as well as congress candidates. Basuda is right because it is his last wish that commies come back with flying colours so that he can rest in peace. Luck has it that that kind of peace running away from the commies court to noncommies.
After 30 yr of misrule of WB or partisan rule of WB the population the aam aadmi learned well and instantly that they are madeup their minds to rout the commies.

Like they enjoyed a nonchallenegd stay in power for the last thirty tears, it is time for relaxing and brooding without power. Days are gone for the commies both in WB and Kerala. The hospitals, mansions in every town, amusement parks all are symbols of the commies attitude to aam aadmi. All we need is only a vote nothing more. Dont ask anything from us. We will promise and not give. This is the neocommies new slogan.
Well that is the way it is on the second day of Nov. 09.

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