| I lost the big toe nail on my right foot.
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I lost the big toe nail on my right foot.

I was in the elementary school at samiyarmatam, where my dad was an elementary school teacher.
I guess I was doing the third grade. In the school system then the third graders had only a forenoon long session. I had to stay back in the school building somewhere along, in the after noon so that I could go home with a bunch of grown up kids in the fifth grade safely back home. The staying back in school in the after noon also helped me to avoid the harsh weather.
After eating lunch with my dad in teachers room, I will go to some class where I find some play mates. One after noon after lunch, for some reason I was watching a bunch of kids playing some game in the class room itself. But while doing so I was holding on to the support wooden nail or pin of the black board perched on the large tripod like board stand.
Apparently my holding on to the piƱa without my knowledge transformed into a turning motion on the wooden pin. This pin on continues turning with my small hand and figures got off the hole and then quickly came the board down to the floor with a thud attracting every body’s attention.
To my il luck the bottom right corner of the board pointedly hit my big toe on right foot freeing most of the finger nail.
Surpringly my dad also rushed to the class where all the drama was taking place. By the sight of blood I got worried and cried loudly. Practically there was no useful first aid box. Nearest hospital was at marthandam some four miles to the north of the school and by road. Bicycles were available if I was to be taken to hospital for dressing the wound.
But then there was a session of dhara with cuso4 solution. Of course Luke warm water. The dhara went on for at least an hour. The oozing of blood stopped. But I could not walk at all. If I pressed my injured foot blood will ooze out again.
So I was rather taken to home in the pillion of a bicycle. My mom was shocked and surprised at my loosing the nail of the big toe. But in the evening dad gathere the herbs to prepare murivenna or a preparation in oil base that will hasten curing. This incident though very painful gave me almost ten days of rest at home. The year probably was 1952 I guess.
That was the first visible injury I acquired as an elementary school kid.