| Pavathy mootheri teaches southern style self defense to ….
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Pavathy mootheri teaches southern style self defense to ….

Pavathy mootheri teaches southern style self defense to ….

I was in the middle school at Kowdiar high school, when my dad got Pavathy mootheri to come and stay with us in mele variyam , now in the sree Krishna lane, between Narmada and Ambalam jn.
There were some where around six or seven guys in the late teens and early twenties.
A pitch was prepared in the front yard to the sw corner.
By sunset the trainees will trickle in getting ready for a session of learning and practicing.i and other kids of my age will be squatting in varandah to watch the thin and lean practically nude bodies but for the undies trying to catch and hit game taught by the guru- Pavathy mootheri.
It was quite impressive training. It went on for a while like six months and finally concluded.
The graduates gave a small gift of cash to the guru before the graduation ceremony.

Later on for some reason this old man guru stayed with us in our home. My Amma got fed up with feeding the man thrice daily. Interestingly, in spite of a small build the volume of food he ate was amazingly large. I often heard Amma scolding this old man for asking more serving of food.
By the way it was very interesting to watch Amma feeding this man in his may be then seventies.
By profession he was a carpenter. A thin and lean but short guy with a dark complexion.
He had a thin but long bearded and mustache and a head gear. All white and silvery.

Finally , all of a sudden this man decided he will get back to his village in veeyanoor, Kk dist., Tamil Nadu. It was actually my maternal uncle who coaxed this man go back to his own home.
After an year or two there was news of Pavathy mootheri calling it a day finally.

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