| Me, My blood glucose and Yoga
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Me, My blood glucose and Yoga

Me, My blood glucose and Yoga

Yoga. “I think yoga is underutilized in people with diabetes,” says Trence. “It’s a wonderful exercise, particularly for people who need to be more controlled in their movements and not be pounding the pavement.”

When I read this line in WebMD, I immediately wated to write this blog. In 1995, my glucose level was 2.5% in urine.
Since then I was taking semi-dianel and doing bit of exercise and yoga. Now I do a set of asanas like, 1. Shirsa asana, Sarvanga asana, neck roll, vajrasana, Pavanamuktha asana, Halasana and naukasana.
It is twice daily in my schedule. And I engage me for at least 45 -50 minutes each day of the week, 24×7 basis.
During the wet rainly days I stay home and not walk. My glucose, random is only in 140-150 range.
I guess you too can examine this proposal of yoga to contain glucose within limits. By the wayI am diabetic for the last 15 yr.

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