| River Metamorphosis, Neyyar
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River Metamorphosis, Neyyar

River Metamorphosis, Neyyar

The fluvial systems are one the most dynamic environments of the earth s

surface, where interaction of meteorological, pedologic and fluvial processes jointly

act at varying scales to modify the physical aspects of the system. However, only in

the time frame of the geological processes the changes undergone by the fluvial

channels become perceptible. This end is achieved by study of landforms, from

topographic maps, aerial photographs and similar bases. Such river channel

changes have been traditionally designed as river metamorphosis, and the

erosional processes that have been active in the basin and which modified the

system are called geological erosion. According to Shumm such changes are

caused by large scale alteration in sediment and water discharge, related to

climatic accidents which lead to the changes of regimen of the system.

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