| Dept of Geology, GOSAN, Thrivikramji, Geology Department alumni
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Dept of Geology, GOSAN, Thrivikramji, Geology Department alumni

Dept of Geology, GOSAN, Thrivikramji, Geology Department alumni


The time frame under reference is 2000. GOSAN, an alumni association of graduates of the DoG (Department of Geology, University of Kerala, Kariavattom Campus 695 581), is in fact the first of its kind to have come into being in the university of Kerala (UoK), when only informal deliberations and discussions were in the air, and especially in the office of VC Dr Ekbal. Seeking, earning and accruing monetary contributions from former graduates (who have prospered in life and career) was a moot point.


When I morphed into the HoD’s chair, in the DoG of the UoK (in July 2000), my colleague, Roy Chacko had raised an important point, regarding installation of an intercom system in the DoG, despite the fact that Department has been around for more than 40 yr. (The DoG came into being or let us say was born when Prof. KK Menon took over as Reader-in-Charge – perhaps in the month of June 1963). Such a system was not even considered in the DoG or even by the administration. For the question of funds for the project, Roy’s suggestion was approaching the willing donors among the former graduates of DoG.  

In fact Roy had informal exchanges in this regard with DSC Thampi (CGWB) and other cohorts. A list of all the graduates right from the class of 1965 (the first batch) were collated with the whereabouts etc. Some formal and informal meetings were held along side. Finally, a meeting of the professionals and academics in T’puram was held in the DoG and an executive committee was elected and put in place at that meeting.

Thrivikramji was thus the founder president and VP was Dr. MM Nair of GSI, Trivandrum. The other names really do not pop in my mental screen quickly. Jaikiran was the treasurer; but indeed unsure of the name of secretary or the detailed list of names of the committee members. The EC quickly swung into action and decided to have the alumni association inaugurated at the earliest. MP Muraleedharan (GSI) came up with the logo, while name GOSAN, sort of an acronym was proposed by MM Nair, and the EC accepted both with cheers. 

The inaugural ceremony was held (sometime during 2001) with much pomp and fanfare in the Botany Department Hall at Kariavttom and the chief guest and inaugural speaker was Dr.Ekbal, the then VC. The retired teachers of the DoG were formally re-recognized by decorating them (in the Kerala style of course) with a Kasavu shawl each. Being the first of its kind in any of the universities in Kerala, all the speakers wanted the GOSAN to grow and function as a model that will be emulated by others. GOSAN organized three seminars (solid waste disposal, construction sand and Prof. KK Menon commemoration discourse and a GEOEXPO in Museum Centenary Hall, T’puram. The AMD, CESS, CGWB, GSI, M&GD, GWD, DoG of University College actively participated in the program. The GEOEXPO ran for three days and was fantastically received by the High schoolers in the Trivandrum Dist. GOSAN had also released during the occasion an educational CD which sold like ‘hot cake’ among the visiting high schools. The CESS also had donated a hard copy each of the Kerala Resource Atlas, to the schools that had come to see the exposition.     

However, once my term of Presidency was over, the new President reactivated GOSAN. An exhibition on the theme of geological sciences was staged in the University Student’s Center, T’puram especially to keep the wind of Geoscience blowing into the school corridors of Kerala. I remember to have attended the inaugural function of this expo held in the UniversityStudentsCenter, T’puram. However, now GOSAN is a memory only.



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