| Days in kythavilakom, samiyarmatam, kanyakumari dist
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Days in kythavilakom, samiyarmatam, kanyakumari dist

I do not remember a whole lot about the days we lived in kythavilakom. However some peaks of incidents or events stand out indelibly in the memory lane. For example one item that quickly flashes in the mental screen is the way I got beaten with a broom by my dear mom for a stupid thing I did with my friends during a summer vacation.
There was and probably is a public well near the southern abutment of pedayankod kulam and on the down stream side. On a sunny day morning three or four of us went around playing, running and jumping to the spot near the well. The well is meant for water needs of the lower caste or all others than the Nair family. In fact kythavilakom is the only Nair family in the area and had own water well within the homestead.
Then like all kids would do each one of us took turns to get a peek of the inside of the well. It was kind of deep for our age under five may be, and we saw the reflected sky at the bottom as well as our own reflections or profile. I am not sure who started throwing stones in tho the well to listen to the sound of hitting water. Once the stones were done we took sticks and dry branches around to throw in. Finally as with all kids we lost ineterest and followed up with something else.
Apparently some elders saw the kids playing around the ring wall and informed my mom. Later when some people went to fetch water for bath or drinking or domestic use they discovered to their dismay the dumping of refuse into the well. This also promptly reached my moms ear.
When for a break, I walked into home my moms face was wild and asked where and what I was doing in the morning hours. I coolly but firmly said I was playing with others kids near the pedayankod pond.
Then mom with the broom she kept to beat me showered me with broom blows, without paying any heed to my loud cry. I had blisters and bumps in my lower limb out of that beating session. This saved me from any more punishing by my dad.
I am sure my mom later on was in a pensive mood and fondled me while I took a nap forced on me by the. Pain and agony. I knew she felt bad about her extreme punishment. In fact the well users did not put up any face or objection to the kids play and removed the unwanted twigs and dry stuff form the well.
It was a lesson I learned from my mom that I should not be careless about dealing with any public or private property that do not belong to us. There are certain things kids should not get involved in .