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Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, and currently, close to 11 million Americans are enjoying its health benefits. Yoga can hardly be called a trend.
Most Westernized yoga classes focus on learning physical poses, which are called asanas. They also usually include some form of breathing technique and possibly ameditation technique as well. Some yoga classes are designed purely for relaxation. But there are styles of yoga that teach you how to move your body in new ways. Choosing one of these styles offers the greatest health benefits by enabling you to develop your flexibility, strength, and balance.

The Benefits of Flaxseed
Is flaxseed the new wonder food? Preliminary studies show that flaxseed may help fight everything from heart disease and diabetes to breast cancer.
By Elaine Magee, MPH, RD
WebMD Feature Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD
Some call it one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet. There’s some evidence it can help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. That’s quite a tall order for a tiny seed that’s been around for centuries: flaxseed.

Sweden Looks to Diet to Cut Global Warming

Published: October 22, 2009
STOCKHOLM — Shopping for oatmeal, Helena Bergstrom, 37, admitted that she was flummoxed by the label on the blue box reading, “Climate declared: .87 kg CO2 per kg of roduct.”
This is the ninth in a series of articles about stopgap measures that could limit global warming. Future articles will address industry and cars.
“Right now, I don’t know what this means,” said Ms. Bergstrom, a pharmaceutical company employee.
But if a new experiment here succeeds, she and millions of other Swedes will soon find out. New labels listing thecarbon dioxide emissions associated with the production of foods, from whole wheat pasta to fast food burgers, are appearing on some grocery items and restaurant menus around the country.

The word yoga means yoke, to join. It comes from the Sanskrit word, yug – to join. This union of individual soul with the universal soul is called yoga. Good habits, physical exercises and spirit of services, faith and devotion will lead to mental and spiritual exercises which will end in the emancipation of the soul – the ultimate aim of life.

Results of a study of solute (DL) and suspended load (SL) discharge and their characteristics and transformations due to anthropogenic actions, in some of the minor (area = <2000 Km2) and adjacent rivers in southern Kerala like Vamanapuram ar., Ithykara ar., Kallada ar. and Achankovil ar. are examined here. The load characteristics amply demonstrate consequences of a very “high degree” of human action these river basins and processes have been subjected to. “Phenomenal” changes have occurred in respect of landcover-landuse parameters due to conversion of large chunks of land into plantation (monoculture) and agricultural lands, which warrant application of chemical fertilizers, soil conditioners, fungicides and / or insecticides. Addition of organic and inorganic chemicals into the physical system resulted in considerable modification of characteristics as well as levels of DL. Estimates of sediment yield, in these minor basins, varies from 72 to 227 Ton Km-2 Yr-1.

Therapeutic Value of Yoga
B.Padmanabha Pillai, M.A.
Director of Yoga (Rtd.)

Normal functions of our body go on uninterrupted as long as our brain, heart, intestine etc., discharge their duties with out any defect. These are internal organs. They function by the autonomous nervous system. The subtle centers of the brain, circulatory system, respiratory system, and digestive system are working with out our knowledge as long as our health is nortmal.It is the involuntary nervous system that governs the automatic functions such as heart beat, peristaltic action of the intestine, circulation of blood, contraction and expansion of lungs, and kidneys and secretions from the endocrine glands. The above works are carried out with out the knowledge of the individual.But the presence of the organic function is noticed when the internal organs are strained due to some disease. The difficulty in the discharge of duties of the internal organs is traced as the cause of disease, when examined by an experienced physician.

Wrong habits are mostly the causes that create disease of the body. Spending sleepless nights, working without rest, inadequate food, hard labor etc., result in diseases like ulcer, asthma, gas trouble, diabetes, blood pressure and so on.There are many modern medicines newly discovered like anti-biotic pills and sulfa drugs which produce speedy action. Most people accept this treatment because it works on the molecular level, giving miraculous improvement with ib a short period.Most of the people are not patient enough to accept the old method working in the organs as it might take a long time to get a complete cure.

Echoing luminaries before him—from Norman Borlaug to Kofi Annan—the world's richest man, Bill Gates, called last night for a second Green Revolution focused on African farmers. That revolution won't just be in new crop varieties and higher yields but also in farmer training and infrastructure—and, perhaps most controversially, will be genetically modified.

"Three quarters of the world's poorest people get their food and income by farming small plots of land," Gates said. "So if we can make smallholder farming more productive and more profitable, we can have a massive impact on hunger and nutrition and poverty."