| A very rare reunion with two of my old time students and affectionate friends
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A very rare reunion with two of my old time students and affectionate friends

I had a plan this evening the tenth March to go out to shop for a pair of half shoes which I love to use in the evenings when off from my place of work. It is kind of slip ons no messy shoe lace knots and the such.
Once evry year I go for a pair like the one I have been using say for the last may fourth to fifty years. It is exclusively a pair by the good old batas. When I got my first pair it was under Rs. Eighteen or there about only. The current pair that I got a year ago I paid like close two hundred rupees.
But to my il luck, I was unsuccessful. The shop I looked up did not carry the line I was in the look out for. So I decided to take a bus back to Sasthamangalam where I parked my Chevy hatch back.i got in to a bus at over bridge, got a ticket for the ride. Then my phone rang. I pulled the phone out of my front pocket. I saw dS babu in the phone screen. Then I said hello babu good evening. From the other side babu greeted me and said one Mohan from usa is with him and Mohan would want to see me. Then I asked ban if that was me mohanachandran of Louisiana. Answer was in affirmative.
Then my response was that in ten minutes I will at Sasthamangalam near mani haven where I parked my red beat.
I got back to car and called babu to figure out where they were, the answer was that they saw me and are moving toward me. We met shook hands.
Beyond that it was all old anecdotes in the class, in the field and where ever.. Time flashed by quickly. We exchanged so many years of stories of us and our friends in about 45 min.
There was a logical end. And we parted shaking hands and greeting each other.
That was the evening with dr. Das babu now in ncess and dr. Mohanachandran of Baton Rouge.
So long guys.